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Do your ears feel blocked, itchy or sore?

Ear Wax Micro-suctioning is the answer

More GPs and ENTs are now referring patients for micro-suctioning. It is considered the safer alternative to remove ear wax. We use the latest dry-suction technology to clear ears of wax build-up that can interfere with hearing and hearing aid function. 





Water syringing can be used to remove Ear Wax, however this can often be messy, uncomfortable, and too many times causing complications.

Unsurprisingly, more people (and GPs) prefer the dry Micro-suctioning procedure.  Unlike syringing, no water is flushed into the canal making it a safe alternative for people with perforated ear drums and even patients with a current outer ear infection.

Only a select few highly skilled professionals on the Gold Coast have undergone advanced training in Micro-suctioning.

At Holistic Hearing Solutions, Therese has successfully completed a nationally accredited course in ear health management, with a specialisation in Micro-suctioning. Her extensive practical training and years of experience have equipped her to perform the procedure safely and effectively.

Micro-suction involves using a specialised, fine suction probe to remove earwax and debris from the ear canal. The precision of this tool allows the healthcare professional to target and extract the specific material without causing unnecessary trauma to the ear canal. Unlike some other earwax removal methods, micro-suctioning eliminates most risks involved with flushing the ear with water. It relies on gentle suction to draw out the wax, further minimising the risk of irritation or discomfort.

You are in safe hands

Before we start, the ear canal and ear drum will first be inspected with a Video Otoscope, and the image displayed on a screen for the client to see as well. During the suctioning procedure, Therese will have full vision of your ear canal using a medical scope (binocular lenses with light and excellent magnification depth perception) at all times during this procedure, limiting risks usually involved with traditional ear wax removal procedures.

Life happens!

Its not only wax that gets lodged in the ear canal. We sometimes also need to assist in removing other objects from the canal such as hearing aid domes, insects, earring studs and even broken off q-tips/cottonbuds ends.

We can help you to safely remove any of these objects.

At times we may use other tools to help move dry ear wax away from the ear canal. This spoon-like tool is often used in combination with ear wax micro-suctioning to ensure no wax is left behind.

Ear Wax Microsuction

Why should you come to us?

University Qualified Audiologist

Therese is a University Qualified Audiologist, who has been practising for more than 10 years. She has specialised in ear wax microsuctioning, and have performed hundreds of Ear Wax Removal procedures in the last decade.

Locally owned, and independent

Holistic Hearing Solutions is a locally owned and operated business. It is an active member of the HBA, IAA and Audiology Australia.

State of the art equipment

During your consult, Therese uses a Video Otoscope to show you what your ear looks like, and will gently remove your earwax using the latest in Microsuction technology. 

We welcome children

Ear wax is not only found in adults. Contact us for information about micro-suctioning for children at our clinic.