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Holistic Hearing Solutions Christmas Special

Get Your Starkey Livio Edge for ONLY $2750 EACH *



An Easy, on-demand way to enhance speech understanding in extra - challenging environments 

Can detect falls and alert caregivers automatically. Or, activate manually to request help in an emergency

Mask Mode is a feature that boosts speech clarity to help you hear people wearing face masks better.

Live 'Skype like' sessions with your Audiologists to make remote adjustments to your hearing aids

Personalised Tinnitus Maskers adapted to your hearing loss and Tinnitus. Reduce bothersome Tinnitus with acoustic therapy


The smallest Healthable rechargeable hearing aids available, providing up to 24-hour wear.

Phone calls & Streaming

Answer calls with the touch of a button and stream them to your hearing aids. Enhanced streaming performance lets you enjoy music or favorite TV shows like never before.

Speech Enhancement

AI-enabled IntelliVoice feature helps improve speech understanding for those with significant hearing loss.

Mobile Phone App as a Remote Control

Change volume Programmes easily using the Thrive app on your Smart Phone


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* Price per hearing aid. Price includes hearing assessment and fitting of device. First 5 fittings will receive a complementary charger, free of charge. Normal price per charger - $200