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Model Number: More-1
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The MORE 1 miniRite R by Oticon is one of the most advanced hearing aids available today. It processes the incoming signal at  over 2 billion operations per second and has a built in, trained, deep neural network on chip, for advanced and real time artificial intelligence. This makes it one of the most capable hearing aids on the market today. Combined with the convenience of a rechargeable battery, this hearing aid is hard to beat. 

NOTE: Our pricing includes the charger, which is normally sold separately. 

The MORE 1 is the top of the line offering delivering sound quality and performance rivalling the best the industry can offer.  The MORE 1 has been designed to deliver a very natural hearing experience, while cleaning up the signal in multiple channels to give a clear, comfortable sound. It uses artificial intelligence to separate the sounds in the environment, and then recombines them by putting focus on the important sounds to you. This all happens in real time and delivers exceptional clarity even in the most complex of situations. 

Oticon More 1 has world leading feedback prediction and elimination, meaning annoying hearing aids whistles are pretty much a ting of the past. This also means consistent hearing levels no matter how the environment changes. 

The Oticon More 1 is made for iPhone and can stream phone calls and phone audio (music, videos, facetime etc.) directly into the hearing aids with no additional accessories required.  It also includes ASHA compatibility meaning direct streaming from the very latest Android phones as well.

This hearing aid uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery rated to last around 5 years. A single charge offers a full day of use. The battery can be replaced in clinic if it loses charge. The Battery comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. 

Optional accessories such as the Tv Adaptor 3.0 allows direct connection to your television for streaming sound, while the ConnectClip allows connection to non-iPhone phones. 

The Oticon smart phone app allows remote control of the hearing aids as well as remote adjustment by your audiologist via the internet .

 Note, Oticon MORE cannot be initially programmed remotely. So we will need you to attend for a quick in clinic test before we can set this up for you, unless you have a recent copy of your results available. 

  The Oticon MORE1 hearing aid comes with 60 day full money back guarantee, in the event that you are not happy with the results.