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Get the most out of your conversations with technology that automatically adjusts to keep up with life’s ever-changing moments.

Try before you buy & Upgrade later if you need

Increased satisfaction with the ability to experience amplification in your daily life prior to purchase
Upgrade your hearing aids as your hearing needs change

Rechargeable & Discreet

Discreet and comfortable styles created with our award-winning design philosophy A broad offering of receiver-in-canal hearing aids to meet your individual needs Enjoy a full day of listening on a single charge with all day battery life

Phone calls & Streaming

Stream digital mediacontent from your phone or other wireless devices, in high-quality stereo sound, to both ears
Direct Bluetooth Phone Call Streaming with both iOS and Android smartphones

Lifestyle Analyser

Be sure that the technology fits your hearing needs with our lifestyle analyser

App Remote Control

Easier day-to-day management and maintenance of your devices with app-based coaching to assist as you begin your hearing aid journey Stay connected to your hearing care professional using real-time ratings and comments
Resolution of sound performance issues with virtual troubleshooting from your hearing care professional

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