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When Hearing Aids are not enough

Assistive listening devices - an alternative solution

Hearing friends and family in a noisy or crowded room is generally difficult to hear for most people, however it is almost impossible for an individual who has a degree of hearing loss. Most often they struggle to distinguish one voice among many. This is true for other listening environments as well, such as watching TV, talking over the phone or listening to the radio. Often, we can assist listeners that find these environments challenging through an assistive listening device (ALD). It is often used to improve hearing ability for people finding it strenuous and even stressful to distinguish speech in noisy environments. Assistive listening devices, offer a more adaptive alternative to hearing aids. ALDs can be useful when your main need is to listen to just one person at a time, or just to hear the television or radio. It is particularly useful for people who have other health concerns which limit their ability to use and manage a hearing aid independently. Other people who have a mild hearing loss might find that they can hear well enough in general, or aren’t yet ready for hearing aids, but their family or neighbours complain about the volume of their television. In this case, a TV headset might be useful, rather than hearing aids. It is important to work with a professional hearing practitioner, specialising in individualised hearing solutions when deciding upon a device. Therese can recommend suitable hearing devices and help you to make an informed decision about the device you choose to be fitted with.

The A-02 Headphones use a health-check algorithm to tailor sound to your unique hearing profile. Watch your favourite TV show, FaceTime with family, listen to music or game with friends with confidence. Including features like noise cancelling, Bluetooth® 5.0, in-built microphone, simple switch operation and made with superior durability, Audeara A-02 Headphones are the ultimate listening device for hearing health.
Whether it’s a one-to-one conversation, a lively dinner, or an important call, Sound Assist can help you feel more connected to the sounds that matter most to you. Partner microphone mode – One-to-one conversations with friends and family sound clear wherever you are. Table microphone mode – Hear important meetings, lively dinners, and group conversations more easily. Hands-free phone calls – Great sounding calls on the go. Streaming from any Bluetooth device – Send music, film, or TV audio to your hearing aids. Remote control for Widex Moment Bluetooth hearing aids – Control your sound, easily. Telecoil mode – Telecoil functionality even if your hearing aids don’t have telecoil.

For people with hearing loss, watching TV, listening to music, or enjoying a movie can be challenging. There might be background noise, it can be difficult to find the right volume for everyone in the room, plus music and sound effects over dialogue can make it hard to follow on-screen conversations. The TV Connector is a helpful hearing aid streaming solution with a variety of features that can enhance your entertainment experience

The TV Connector is a wireless hearing aid accessory that streams TV and music directly to your hearing aids, transforming your Bluetooth® enabled hearing aids into wireless stereo headsets. A simple plug-and-play interface works with TVs and other audio sources to support direct hearing aid connectivity