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Frequently Asked Questions

Earwax microsuctioning is a procedure performed by healthcare professionals to safely remove excessive or impacted earwax from the ear canal using a specialized device called a microsuction probe. It is a gentle and precise technique that involves the use of low-pressure suction to extract the wax. The procedure is performed under direct visualization, ensuring safe and effective removal of the earwax without the use of water.

Our Audiologist is registered with Medicare. Medicare rebates may apply if you have a Hearing test referral from a GP, ENT or a Neurologist.

Medicare also provide rebates for audology services if you are referred to your GP under a Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Patients with Private Health insurance may be eligible for a rebate on hearing assessments or hearing aids. Please call your insurer before your appointment  to confirm if you qualify for any rebates.

An Ear Wax Removal consult is $115 and this is for both ears. As this fee is for a consultation, there is no discount for ear wax in only one ear. 

During your consult, our Audiologist will take before and after photos of your ear using a video otoscope. You get to see what it looks like in your ear, and we use the opportunity to educate you on any questions you may have.

If there is no wax found in your ears, we charge a standard consult of $50.

Yes! The Rocket (the building) has ample parking. We are on the ground floor, so you are able to park right next to our clinic. There are also basement parking if ground level parking is full. All parking is free for 2 hours, which will give you more than enough time.

Yes we do! We only need for them to be old enough sit still on their own, or on your lap while we perform the procedure. 

Ringing in the ears is also referred to Tinnitus, and can be caused by a number of things, example Exposure to loud noises, Age-related hearing loss, or a Ear Wax build up. At Holistic Hearing Solutions, we will be able to help identify the cause, and can help you with a treatment plan.